An extensive collection of copyright-related resources, with a particular emphasis on fair use. Includes numerous summaries of cases and legislation, both past and pending, as well as through explanations of key concepts.

Online record of the activity of the United States Government, including The Congressional Record; bills and resolutions introduced; voting records; committee information; and treaties.

Official notices issued by the United States Government including the Copyright Office. Source rule interpretations, proposed rules, and decisions by the Copyright office; requests for public participation in hearings; and announcements of general interest. Document collection is searchable from 1994 to the present.

Illustrates the rights that libraries rely on to fulfill their core missions. In addition to the fair use right codified in Section 107 and the first sale doctrine in Section 109, the US Congress has adopted specific statutory rights affirming the lawfulness of certain activities, particularly those related to accessibility, teaching, learning, and research.

Indexed and fully-searchable contents including the full text of all federal and state codes. Materials are classified, allowing for recall of texts on a given subject.

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Includes full-text versions of numerous copyright-related materials, including the complete text of Title 17 as well as individual chapters; recent legislation; congressional testimony and pending legislation; historical copyright acts; reports and federal register notices; information about treaties.

Provides information about music copyright infringement cases from the mid-nineteenth century​ forward in the U.S. and, to an increasing extent, in foreign jurisdictions.

Includes up-to-date information about the annual Copyright Conference and provides access to archived presentations and papers.